AIL Leadership Academy Mission Statement

American Income Life’s, and its New York subsidiary National Income Life's, highest priority is excellence in leadership education in a changing business environment. This priority guides the planning, implementing, and evaluating of the programs and activities of American Income Life as well as the stewardship of its varied resources.

Excellence in leadership and management education at American Income Life (AIL) & National Income Life (NILICO) requires experienced, highly successful and motivated instructors who teach effectively and intellectually prepare leaders who want to learn. This excellence emphasizes the interrelatedness of learning in both classroom and field related environments that will prepare individuals for significant contributions to AIL, NILICO, and society.

American Income Life endeavors to create a distinctive environment for management and leadership education. Our company has a respect for individuality and appreciation of diversity. AIL, as well as NILICO, places special attention on the ongoing evaluation and improvement of teaching and learning, and the global context of knowledge as it relates to success in business and life.

Brian Tracy