Infectious Enthusiasm

If you do not know where you are going, every road will get you nowhere.

I believe that everybody wants to be successful, but some of us get lost on the way to success.

This is what I mean: have you ever looked up a word in a dictionary? Your intention might have been to go to the page of the word, but on the way you stopped to check out other words that caught your attention. The result: lots of sweat. The cause: lost in thoughts.

Let’s take another example: have you ever gone to a grocery store with the intention of getting milk, cereal and batteries and walked out with 12 or 15 items, but no milk? The cause: lost in action.

A third example will drive the point home even more clearly. Have you ever sat down in front of the TV just to relax for a few minutes and found yourself two hours later engrossed in a movie, forgetting that you have a life? The cause: lost in images.

As the world grows more complex, there are going to be more chances to get lost in thoughts, actions and imagination. And if we get lost in simple tasks, how about more difficult ones such as the reaching of a goal, the management of a team, our careers?

The intention of the world is to distract us from walking the path of our success.

Heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman once said that "Success begins with a decision." If you set your mind to reach a goal, you'll make certain that you reach it. You'll say no to all distractions, detours and time-wasting activities. It is the decision to be successful that helps you develop an internal guidance system that keeps you moving upward and onward.

If you decide to build a successful team, you start recruiting nonstop until you have the number of agents who will guarantee the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. But you have make the decision to get started, saying the magic words: THAT'S IT!!!

Think about the dreams you had 10 years ago. What happened to them? What about the five-year goal you set five years ago? Where did it go, where did you go? What about today? Where do you want to be by the year 2014? Are you going to be part of the $250,000,000 goal we have set for AIL/NIL? Are you going to be part of this history?

I read an interview of Sylvester Stallone once, and reflecting upon his own success he answered one of the questions saying, "I am not the smartest or the most talented person in the world, but I succeeded because I kept going, and going and going."

Those who go furthest are the ones who achieve their success.

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