AIL/NILICO Leadership Academy


American Income Life’s / National Income Life's Leadership Academy offers comprehensive training on all aspects of leadership, from basic skills to the finer points of Agency building. Qualifying Agents are invited to come experience these live, exciting workshops where you’ll learn how to:


•Handle objections
 •Build your Agency
 •Increase sales

•Develop leadership skills
 •And more!


Our dynamic speakers are sales leaders who have made their careers with American Income Life and National Income Life Insurance Company and became financially successful. The AIL/NILICO Leadership Academy enables Agents to network with other Agents on their level as well as engage in question and answer sessions with American Income Life / National Income Life rock stars.




Come to AIL/NILICO’s Leadership Academy to hone your leadership skills and start making more money.  The AIL/NILICO Leadership Academy is broken into four levels from basic to advanced.


•101  Fundamentals of Agency Building
 •201  Building for Ownership
 •301  Strategic Agency Leadership Training
 •401  Results Driven Leadership


Get with your Business Owner today to find out how you can get VIP access to AIL/NILICO’s next Leadership Academy!


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